A common one

After talking with Cosma Shalizi, I’ve decided to set my work-related New Year’s Resolution as blogging once a week. This is more of a goal then a commitment; if I don’t have anything useful to share or I don’t have time to share it, there won’t be a post. The hope is to be high-quality at low-volume. I intend to blog the afternoon after my Advanced Probability problem set is due.

I’ll try to post (in roughly increasing frequency):

  1. General summaries of things that I finish (papers, released code, file-drawer projects).
  2. Small self contained bits of research when I can. These will be tidbits too small to go up on arXiv, but likely to be of use to at least someone. First up: subsetting rating data.
  3. Reviews of research aimed at a general audience with lots of links and as much context as I can muster.
  4. Ideas that I don’t have time to pursue but would rather like someone else to actualize so that I could purchase their product/service.
  5. Reactions to scholarly ideas in the popular press. (If I’m training to become a public intellectual, I might as well start.)
  6. Snippets of code that may be of general use. (Including benchmarking and howto posts.)

Let’s see if I can keep this up for at least a semester.


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