Giving up the internet

I’m one of those people who often gets lost on Wikipedia. I also get distracted with the news. And Arts & Letters Daily and just about everything it links to. I’ve been know to follow several blogs. I spend too much time on Twitter pursuing the links that people share. All in all, I spend a lot of time reading and thinking about the wider world (or, really, just the parts of it that I am interested in).

This semester I’m much too busy to do this. I’ve got too many things to do to just keep up, one huge thing to get off the ground, and a giant plane to land before May. So, here it goes. I’m giving up the internet. I’ll still blog because I need the practice writing, but unless it’s a comment on the blog, I’m not going to follow it. Email will also work, if you want to get a hold of me. But I’m no longer allowing myself to check the dozens of RSS feeds I follow. No more twitter. No more news or blogs. I’ve got work-related reading to do if I’m bored. I’ll come out of the cave eventually. This too shall pass.


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